Gregory Tingay

Gregory Tingay's biography is as interesting as his ceramic art. Gregory was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, growing up there and also in Seychelles and England. He began throwing at just sixteen. After graduating from Trinity College, the University of Cambridge with a degree in Art History, Gregory returned to Zimbabwe to lecture in his subject.

He then proceeded to join the Benedictine Order and became known as Brother Alexander. As a monk at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, Gregory trained as a potter in the monastery pottery. He was further mentored in the Isle of Wight with backing from the Arts Council. Gregory left monastic life in 2008 and now works as a potter in North London.

Gregory's background living in Africa and studying Art History have had an immense influence on his ceramic pieces. This can especially be seen in his sgraffito, carving and slip-based surface decoration. This inspiration, however is not necessarily pre-planned; Gregory prefers to allow the greatest moment of influence to occur during the making process. Because of Gregory's predilection for creating in-the-moment, each of his pieces is individual.

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