Gillian McMillan

Gillian McMillan’s jug birds are whimsical but practical pitchers for the kitchen. They have been the focus of two solo exhibitions, “Ornithikos” (Greek: birdlike) and “Rara Avis” (Latin: rare bird) at the Circle Craft Gallery in Vancouver.

Gillian was born in Dorset and spent her childhood there and in Somerset, where she was inspired by natural landscapes. She originally embarked on further studies in art education, painting, and graphic design, but consistently took pottery classes in her free time. She emigrated to Canada in 1967. It took a homecoming to Somerset in 1984, a workshop with master clay thrower Douglas Phillips, and connection with the local Somerset potters for Gillian to realise that pottery was what she wanted to do. Her achievements include helping to establish the Port Moody Arts Centre in Vancouver and being awarded role of artist-in-residence there for three years.

At the encouragement of the owner of Primavera, Gillian has started to create some jug birds inspired by English wildlife as well as Canadian.

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