Gemma Corvalan

Gemma Corvalan with her two paintings

Art has always been an integral part of Gemma’s life. Having grown up within the art world it seemed only natural for her to follow this path, both in higher education studying Art at Norwich College and later Norwich University to achieve a BA (Hons) Art Degree. Art has guided and ruled over Gemma, being the only tool in which she can express the thoughts and feelings that she simply cannot describe or recognise otherwise. And today this seems especially relevant.

With the development of her chronic illness, one of the only things Gemma managed to rescue from her old life was her love of the arts. No longer able to paint as she once did, Gemma learnt to adapt her work in order to save an important part of her old self. Her previous style was forced to change as her body was no longer her own and it was ‘IT’ who dictated what she could or could not do.

Through watercolours and other liquid based mediums Gemma was once again able to paint. The style manifested naturally with what she was physically capable of doing.

Just like in life, she had to learn to be comfortable with having a lack of control, and instead embrace the watercolours naturally unpredictable application. Gemma found herself completely drawn to this beautiful watery substance. The way it moved and crept across her works, creating these overlapping intricate patterns perfect for her to highlight and celebrate its natural imperfections as she learnt to celebrate her own.

Suddenly, Gemma had found a familiar face in this new life. Her art has now become like an old friend helping her through a process of self-acceptance and discovery. 

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