Flett Bertram

Flett Bertram is an illustrator, artist and textile designer from Cambridgeshire now based in Paris. 

Flett’s illustration work focuses on hand drawing with a textile twist, inspired by the sketchy style of fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. She loves the quick movement of a scribbly sketched pencil line, and likes to combine this with other bolder mediums, such as marker pen, chalk or ink. 

Flett also likes to throw fragments of fabric into the mix;  off-cuts of embroideries, ribbons and trimmings mainly sourced from her vast collection of scraps accumulated over several years working in Haute Couture fashion. Flett is a passionate bargain hunter too and loves rummaging through Parisian flea markets, digging for treasures and inspiration - little gems that she might somehow incorporate into her work. 

Flett first attended the London College of Fashion and then the Royal College of Art studying textile design, gaining experience along the way with such brands as Alexander McQueen. 

She loves the speed and vitality of the fashion industry and aims to express this in her way of drawing. She tries to purvey the idea of something that's always moving and never quite finished. Flett wants her illustrations to be a whirl of colour and chaos; a reflection of the vibrant, frantic atmosphere of a fashion designer's atelier - the place from which she draws so much of her inspiration.

Primavera currently holds a collection of 12 of Flett's illustrations.

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