Esther Smith

Based in South Cornwall, Esther Smith takes inspiration from her beautiful natural surroundings and the goings on of coast and country. Her upbringing on the north coast of Scotland has also had a strong influence on the aesthetic qualities of her work.  Whether it's automata, metalwork or jewellery, each piece is unique and tells its own story.

Originally trained as a jeweller, in recent years Esther has extended her range of skills to include the crafts of small scale sculpture and automata. She loves to tell visual stories from the world around her and from tales of long ago. The moving parts in her automata allow her to bring the pieces to life!

The automata are primarily made in silver, copper and brass. Esther also uses enamel, reclaimed tin and reclaimed or coppiced Cornish wood. She treats the metal with patination and oxidisation techniques to achieve turquoises, rich browns, reds and blacks.  Esther also uses leaf metal applications and varnishes to seal and add lustre. Recycled tin and enamel add highlights of bright colour.

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