Emily Cross

Emily's work is a conversation between herself and the clay, tempered with alchemy of the kiln and the glazes to reveal the true forms.

In January 2015 she resigned from her job in haberdashery to go back to her love of ceramics and devote herself full-time to her practice as a ceramic artist and designer. Emily graduated from Bath Spa University with a BA in 3D Design: Ceramics (Hons) in 2010.

Emily Cross DishHer influences range from her exploration of textiles to her love of old forgotten buildings and factories being reclaimed by nature. Like the science fiction books she devours, she is constantly thinking 'What if? ' as she explores the medium of clay and the unexpected consequences of glaze combinations with the occasional addition of substances such as unwashed beach sand. She prefers simpler forms to act as canvases for these experiments.

Recently Emily has been using unwashed beach sand from Cley next the Sea, Norfolk. 

Primavera currently has a collection of around 20 pieces from Emily.

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