Elizabeth Welch

Elizabeth Welch started working with glass in 2009; she graduated with Ceramics and Glass from Bucks New University. To further her knowledge of glass blowing she went on to study in Bournemouth, Poole College and has also taken a course at the Corning Museum of Glass in America.

Elizabeth creates beautiful, charming glass creatures such as birds and dragons using two hot glass techniques. Glass blowing and Lampwork, Lampwork is where a torch or a lamp is primarily used to melt the glass.

Inspired by the world around her, Elizabeth uses glass as her way to express her imagination, combining natural forms and mythological creatures to create delicate unique pieces.

 ‘Glass is both a solid and a liquid, it is beautiful and fragile, yet can be dangerous and strong; it is a magical material in both its molten and solid state’

 Setting up a small studio, with the help of the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme 2012, Elizabeth now exhibits nationally. She is an established glass designer taking her work to craft shows and exhibiting in shops and galleries around the country.

Primavera holds a collection of approximately 20 pieces by Elizabeth.

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