Disa Allsopp

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Disa Allsopp was born in London, but grew up in Barbados. She studied a degree in Jewellery at Middlesex University and also gained a post-graduate diploma in Jewellery at Edinburgh College of Art & Design. Allsopp set up her first studio in Barbados before beginning her current jewellery studio in London in 1996. 

Inspired by the jewellery of the ancient Etruscans, Egyptians and Roman and Greek civilisations, Allsopp prefers to work with the metal in a 'raw' state, using techniques such as hammering, bleaching and oxidising. She works in resin, gold and oxidised silver.

All of Disa Allsopp's designs are crafted by hand in her London studio, starting from designs and sketches before transforming them into stunning, elegant and varied pieces. Her travels to East Africa and her origins can be seen in her use of a huge variety of gemstones including citrines, rubies and garnets. The coloured diamonds, used and set in unique bands, echo a timeless charm without taking away from the style and contemporary flair.

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