Dee Nickerson

Dee Nickerson was born in 1957 to a farming family near Wymondham, Norfolk. Dee found pleasure, challenge and escapism in making and looking at art and images from an early age. With support from friends and family she soon became an artist and is now a full time painter.

Inspired by her love of fashion and day to day life in the countryside, Dee’s style is unmistakable. Her interesting approach to work creates charming visual narratives with playful scenes and intriguing characters. There is definitely an influence from her fashion interest which is visible in what the people wear in her paintings, this only adds to their compelling personalities.

To create these wonderful pieces, Dee will observe her surroundings on her daily cycle ride or perhaps on walks here and there and then go on to produce her unique work from scenes she has noticed. Dee’s choice of materials varies, but more often than not she will use acrylics and pastel.

Other works by Dee Nickerson are available. Details on request from Primavera.

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