Damian Clarke

Damian Clarke is a musician as well as an artist. Often combining the two mediums, Damian enjoys exploring new ideas to challenge pre-conceptions and illustrate new thoughts.
Tie Damian ClarkeProducing paintings, generating designs for fabrics and playing a number of different musical instruments, Damian is an all-round creative person. Based in Dorset, Damian makes his one off handmade silk ties taking inspiration from the landscape around him and the natural beauty it can offer. He often takes long walks, exploring ideas for new paintings and designs. Much like his paintings, the vivid choice of colours and patterns available showcase Damian’s sense of fun and imagination, and really gives us an idea of his personality.

Damian individually cuts each tie out from the fabric in different areas to ensure each piece is completely unique. The care and time put into making the tie shows in the quality of the work.
His vibrant ties are loved by many including television news presenter Jon Snow.
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