Colin Kellam

Kellam PlateBehind the work of Colin Kellam lies more than forty years of experience in the making of studio pottery. From the outset his intention has been to produce a range of domestic ware which would fulfil the criteria of practicability, durability and attractiveness at a reasonable price, each piece having its own individuality whilst remaining part of a cohesive whole. This ideal has been upheld and developed over a period of thirty years at the Lion Brewery. The creative input of the workforce has always been encouraged: people are at liberty to make their own experiments with form, glaze and decoration. Trials are fired in every kiln.

Kellam MugOn the making front, Colin and his second-in-command thrower are backed-up by an assistant producing the rampressed and extruded ware such as lampbases, umbrella stands, tiles, planters, cooking vessels and slabbed serving dishes. These mechanically made pieces are given their stamp of originality by the nature of the decoration. The decorative themes are based chiefly upon the natural world, featuring floral, bird, fish and animal drawings. Primavera has around 50 different pieces by Colin.
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