Charmian Harris

Charmian Harris was born in Bath, Somerset in 1953 and spent much of her early childhood in Nigeria, returning to England aged 9 when her family settled in Cambridge. She trained initially in ceramics at the Cambridge School of Art, later specialising in ceramics at the West Surrey School of Art, Farnham under Henry Hammond and Paul Barron. During this period Charmian took part in Jewellery classes with Jaqueline Mina. After leaving Farnham she went to work in Devon with Clive Bowen at Shebbear Pottery which is where she also met her future husband, Nick Chapman.
With two small children to look after Charmian's ceramic production declined and gradually her interest in metal work took hold. She is mostly self-taught often using simple techniques and giving attention to the design, colour and texture.
Charmian makes her individual pieces of jewellery with silver, gold of different carats and semi-precious stones. She works using hand tools and very simple equipment. Charmian uses charcoal blocks to cast shanks of rings to make solid gold and silver beads components which she adds to the necklaces she makes.
Decoration is cut out of metal sheets with a piercing saw and soldered onto the background, which is sometimes oxidised for contrast. Her stones come from a variety of sources from all over the world and she often travels to choose and collect them herself.
Her influences are early Greek and Roman jewellery, Egyptian jewellery and pre- Columbian gold. Charmian has exhibited all over the United Kingdom and in New York, USA.

We have about 5 more pieces in the gallery.

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