Antonello Figlia

Antonello Figlia was born in Italy, Syracuse, where his early inspirations started to develop from the beautiful architectural surroundings, laying the foundation in his imagination for the artistry he now creates.

For a short period of time as a young man. he moved to Rome for his classical studies, after which he moved on to Milan to attend university. During this period, he also worked for 'Milan Fashion Week', where he assisted in in the management of 'The Italian Fashion Council's' women's wear collection, further developing his aesthetic awareness.

After this time, Antonello moved to London, where he channelled his creativity through experimentation with a range of media, until he refined this creativity in to an outlet that best suited his personal style - jewellery.

After this journey of discovery, Antonello now works with gold and silver, designing contemporary pieces, some of which can be found here in our gallery,