Anna Rennie

The rugged beauty of the Cornish landscape and coast are the main sources of inspiration for Anna, giving her creative free spirit room to roam.  The natural forms and textures featured on Anna's silver-smithing are explored through the techniques chasing and repousse. These techniques beautifully combine creating aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces.

Having gained a BA (Hons) in Silver-smithing and Jewellery, Anna has since gone on to complete a year at the prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust. During which time she honed her skills and was taught by several of the top silversmiths in the UK. 

Subsequently Anna received a bursary from the York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship to increase her skills further by learning the art of blacksmithing. 

Being passionate about her craft and traditional techniques, Anna is also inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. Vikings and the medieval and Tudor periods are also keen interests.

All of Anna's work which involves precious metals is sent to the London Assay Office for full hallmarking.

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