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Allister Malcolm

Allister has become a renowned craftsman within his field. He is continuously expanding upon his portfolio of handmade, blown and contemporary glass artwork, welcoming all manor of commissioned work from corporate and private clients. His strong design sense combined with an impeccable standard of finish has created a dedicated collector base. All work is individually signed and dated by the artist.

“Acquiring the skills to produce handcrafted glass to a professional standard has been a long battle. This journey has taken me twenty years. I now strive to push this medium of glass and explore the versatility that it offers utilising all the skills I have gained over the years. Hopefully when you view the glass gallery it will convey the enjoyment it has given me to create these works!” quote by Allister Malcolm.

Work represented in many galleries throughout the UK

2010 Broadfield House Glass Museum pieces introduced into the permanent collection.

2009 Corning Cedar Arts Center – New York “Same Difference”

2012, 2008 Biennale exhibitor, 2008 same difference Eisch Glass Gallery Germany, Belgium showcase

Where are they now” Broadfield House glass museum

Primavera holds a collection of around 10 pieces by Allister.

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