Where does it all come from......

Where does it all come from......

A question which we are frequently asked is “where do you find your art work?” Just occasionally we are asked whether we make it all ourselves but we will ignore that one for the time being. 

Primavera staff at Goldsmiths FairSourcing the wide range of work which Primavera is proud to exhibit certainly doesn’t happen by chance. We are often proactive and get out there to shows such as the annual Goldsmith’s Fair in London (see left) where many of our jewellery makers exhibit over the two weeks and there is the opportunity to meet new jewellers at the same time.



The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate is also an excellent chance to meet many of the up and coming makers as well as old favourites. 

Quite often artists will make an approach to us direct and ask to show their work at Primavera. While this is quite flattering, there is an important opportunity here to help to promote these artists especially as many are just starting out.

This philanthropic approach has been at the core of Primavera since Henry Rothschild formed the business over 70 years ago. A lovely example of this was the day on which Henry noticed a local potter, Elspeth Owen, selling her ceramic work on the market. Immediately impressed with what he saw, he took her work straight into an exhibition which he was co curating at Kettle’s Yard. And so began another lifelong successful career. 

Another way in which we identify new work is simply by spending time with our makers. Having that “back story” often makes the work we show even more interesting. Recently we were speaking to a local cabinet maker about some jewellery boxes which he was making for us and he mentioned that his mother made some beautiful ceramic pieces. We are now proudly displaying mother and son’s work together as shown below, thank you Selena and Adam Bragg.

                     Adam Bragg Jewellery Box           Selena Bragg Small Pebble

Of course, if we can do it locally, that is always satisfying. Many of our makers are local to Cambridge and we have a permanent exhibition for the Cambridge Jeweller’s Guild, a collective of a few of the best local jewellery makers. A range of their current work is shown below.                                         

And then there are always the customers who come in wearing something particularly nice and interesting…… 

Julian Finbow

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