Primavera's Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Anniversary, Diamond Rings, Diamond Discount...
Primavera's 75th anniversary celebrations continue into April, and with it, the 15% discount of selected jewellery. There is no better way to celebrate the diamond anniversary than investing in the beautiful diamond rings by Wendy Ramshaw and Malcolm Betts displayed within the window. If diamonds aren't quite your taste, we also offer the 15% discount on jewellery by Kate Rhodes, Gill Laverick, and Debbie Moxon. These pieces are unique in their  style, method and unconventional materials. Signature styles include Debbie Moxon's coloured titanium necklaces, Gill Laverick's glazed porcelain pendants,  and Kate Rhode's re-cycled silver and cobalt blue earrings. 
Fiona Brown | Clay-Carved Creatures
Fiona hails from Scotland and following studies in Anthropology, in Europe and the Near East, she returned to Britain to settle in North Wales. Her pieces are influenced by several cultural styles such as: the cave paintings of prehistory; grave figures from ancient China; the turquoise blue glazes of ancient Persia; the tactile models of Peru; narrative forms of the Mediterranean civilizations and the decorative designs of Celtic Europe. Every piece is modelled by hand – the more 'abstract' animals are carved using an open, heavily ‘grogged’ clay which is able to withstand the high temperatures of the kiln firing with the minimum of warping and shrinkage. This method creates the obscure but familiar forms of the animals we know and love.