Make the Marionette's Dance

London born glass artist, David Reekie, enjoys an international reputation for his ability to create satirical and political statements through his glass work. Within this instance, a pair of Marionette’s with their lower half entombed in bases of solid glass, their facades vibrant but unrelenting, depicting ordinary people as puppets controlled by forces they cannot command. Sharpened metal poles are threaded through their hands and into the glass bases, imitating strings of dancing marionettes; however, these puppets are rooted and ruled by those in power. Reekie's pair of Marionette's are disturbing depiction of the day-to-day decisions we as a society have faced and are yet to face over the course of the next few years. Primavera is proud to display such poignant pieces of glass work and invite the public to visit them in person to truly understand their message.

“The mystery that Reekie finds in his material suits the mysteries he poses for his viewers. While the stories may be no clearer than Reekie’s glass, both the content and formal elements Reekie uses to convey them engage, amuse, shock and haunt…” 
Karen S. Chamber | Neues Glass 1995