Architecture in Art

Architecture in Art

Every now and again we receive some new work which stands out as simply outstanding in its field and Vicki Ambery-Smith’s architectural silverwork is just that.

Architecture is sometBridgeimes referred to as being the “mother of art” and our location in Cambridge gives a daily reminder of this direct connection. Vicki Ambery-Smith takes her inspiration from architecture on an international scale and creates wonderful interpretations of both classical and contemporary buildings which we are already familiar with.






And it is this interpretation which marks Vicki’s work as exceptional. The pieces are not always straight forward copies of architecture but are often “a more personal interpretation of the character of a building” and so have the power to evoke sensations, trigger memories and inspire fantasy.



Sonia VilliersSo what happens if we continue the theme of interpretation of known architectural landmarks and move from jewellery to the canvas? For me, local artist Sonia Villiers shows just what can be achieved with a combination of a trained eye for the cityscape and a bold and colourful imagination. Who can fail to associate with the detail of the street life superimposed against a vibrant backdrop of familiar, yet slightly abstract landmarks. The strength in Sonia’s colours coupled with her brave re-shaping of traditional architectural lines makes the viewer’s heart leap with an appreciative joy.


If we come full circle then Cambridge architect, David Valinsky, is a perfect example of the idea of architecture being the “mother of art” in his beautifully simple but technical pen and ink drawings. From the soft lines of “Entrance to New Court, St John’s” where David’s use of light and shadow just draws the eye through to the to the simplicity of the proposals for the Place de L’Eglise here is a prime example of the creation of an artistic statement which takes architectural skills from the drawing board to engage with human emotions.









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