Robin Shelton

For the past 25 years, the focus of Robin’s jewellery design practise has been the way in which the quality of a material, an experience, an object, an image, a piece of work or of an idea can be transformed by its context. 

Robin responds to, and takes inspiration from, whatever is around me at a given moment in time – his work is the distillation of an event, a place or an experience through an object and its symbolism. A smoothened shard of translucent tumbled beach-glass, on its way to and from the sand, a unique pebble (surely the most precious of stones) that cries to be clutched. Even objects from an urban environment – a steel-spring street-sweeping bristle, spat out whilst cleaning, rescued, cleaned and transformed, or a loosened washer. Given new purpose and significance. 

Robin’s work combines objects and materials from both natural and urban environments. Frosted sea glass is set alongside pebbles on coated steel wires. A piece of an old brass compass is set against Rosewood and finished with another pebble.

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