Duibhne Gough

necklace duibhneWe have 12 pieces of Duibhne's work available in the gallery.

Duibhne Gough has been making jewellery since her teens, assisting her father, renowned jeweller Breon O’Casey, in his jewellery workshop. It was from her father that she learnt to keep things simple; and the traditional techniques that she uses, such as working the metal with a hammer, add to this simplicity. In 2003 she became a professional designer-jeweller herself and now works on her own items. 

The hammered works are reminiscent of ancient artefacts and have a very historical look to them. She works in silver, 18ct gold and semi-precious stones and aims to create jewellery that is wearable, elegant and individual. Her work shares an aesthetic with that of Guy Royle, but maintains a unique quality to it, particularly in the choice of coloured beads and stones.  

Shape, colour and texture are very important to Duibhne. She may repeat designs but as each piece is handmade it is therefore unique; she quotes the Japanese potter, Hamada: “every time I do it, it is different.”

Duibhne says she has been fortunate enough to have displays and exhibitions across the country, particularly in specialist craft galleries. 

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