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Jeremy has been directing Primavera for almost 20 years of the gallery's 70-year history. From an early age he was inspired to paint and was awarded a place at St. Martin’s School of Art. Working for David Bailey, the photographer, Jeremy learnt how to plan, organise and set-up – as is evidenced in the second of Jeremy’s landscape gardens he has created, with his wife Sheila – at College Farm Haddenham.

During Jeremy’s life he has travelled throughout Britain to meet artists and makers in their studios, helping them with designs, marketing and finance. Maintaining Primavera’s permanent displays whilst showcasing new work requires a careful balancing act calling on all Jeremy’s skills and expertise in creative and out-of- the-box thinking. The very diversity of work at Primavera poses a challenge, as the extended gallery exhibits an eclectic mix of work in a wide variety of styles and mediums.

Jeremy has a thorough knowledge of art history and design, an appreciation for art and craft and how things are created and made, as well as a keen awareness of the uniqueness and value of the artwork itself, and is sensitive to the stories and lives of the artists/makers. Jeremy provides an opportunity for makers and artists to work from the studio space at Magdalene Street right in the heart of Cambridge.

 Before Primavera:

After his studies at Cambridge University, Jeremy lived and worked in the Lebanon and Syria on the Green Line in Beirut during the difficult times of the civil war and the Israeli conflict, meeting and working with people of different faiths and cultures.

After his time in Lebanon, Jeremy moved to Paris where he met his wife Sheila, and from 1985 he was based in Nairobi, Kenya, travelling throughout Africa. This was a challenging time with frequent political unrest.

In 1995 Jeremy sold his businesses in East Africa and moved the family back to England. Having worked for Thyssen International in South Africa, he returned to his student home of Cambridge, acquiring First Edition Translations in 1997 (sold in 2016), and assumed control and the direction of Primavera in 1999. 

Jeremy holds a permanent exhibition of British artwork at College Farm. This is open by appointment and through the National Garden Scheme.  

Read more about Jeremy Waller by visiting his LinkedIn.