Engagement Rings at Primavera

September 15, 2018

Engagement Rings at Primavera Ltd


The engagement ring (based on Wikipedia) can only be reliably traced back to as early as ancient Rome. But, it is thought that it is a ritual that started in ancient Egypt. Currently, engagement rings are generally set with a precious metal (gold, silver, platinum), featuring either a diamond or a gemstone. However, ancient Egyptian couples would exchange rings made out of braided reeds. These would be worn on the same finger as today, believed at the time to connect to a vein that ran directly to the heart.
It wasn't until around 1477 that diamonds started to be used, when Mary of Burgundy was proposed to by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. This became a more popular trend in 1880 when diamonds were discovered in South Africa. This began a trend that has carried on to this day.
Interestingly, predating all of the above, 'The readers digest' suggests that "A caveman tied cords made of braided grass around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control."


The Current Climate

Another exert from 'The Readers Digest' states: "more than 80 percent of American brides get diamond engagement rings. According to a report by Jewelers of America, couples spent an average of $4,000 on an engagement ring in 2012." This trend is set to continue and with access to the internet, a much wider selection of styles by various artists are available to the public than ever before

It is also now common for men to wear engagement ring, although these are usually crafted into a plain, jewel-less band, usually also made from gold, silver or platinum. 

The Primavera Collection

 At Primavera Gallery, Malcolm Betts is one of our most popular artists. We have a range of his rings on display both on our website, with even more in the gallery on King's Parade in Cambridge, all of which would make for a beautiful option when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for that special someone.